Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic Shipping Questions


1. Who is the courier that will be shipping my parcel?


HUBBED has partnered with CouriersPlease to ship your parcels around Australia. Courier Sub-agents may be used in locations where CouriersPlease does not have a full time courier.


2. Is parcel tracking included?


Yes. All HUBBED parcels have tracking included. You can track your parcel from the "Track" tab in the menu bar above.


3. Is signature on delivery included?


Yes. All parcels must be signed for on delivery. If someone is not home then a missed delivery card will be left directing the recipient to their local HUBBED store for collection, or the nearest depot.


4. Can I use my own packaging?


Yes you can use your own packaging, but it must be a similar size to the packaging options offered by HUBBED. This ensures that the best rates and prices are provided to you by our courier partners. HUBBED newsagents will be able to provide you with a range of packaging options, including satchels and boxes.


5. Do I have to tick the Dangerous Goods disclaimer?


Yes. If you do not acknowledge that your parcel is safe for sending then you will not be able to send your parcel.


6. Can I send to P.O. Boxes?


No. All deliveries require a signature on delivery meaning they cannot be sent to a P.O. Box.


7. Can I lodge parcels on the weekend?


Yes. You can book your parcel online or drop off your parcel over the weekend. The parcel will be picked up on the following Monday.


8. How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?


The delivery time will depend on where you are sending to and from. Generally parcels will take 1-2 business days for delivery, however if your parcels is going to a remote location it may take up to 5 business days.


9. What if my parcel is lost or damaged?


All lost or damaged parcel claims are handled by our courier partner; CouriersPlease. To make a claim, visit their website or call them on 1300 36 1000. You can read the full Domestic Parcel Terms and Conditions here.

International Shipping Questions


1. How do International Parcel Drop off work?


Once you have booked your international parcel with HUBBED. A PDF label with all your tracking numbers will be generated.


You will need to print this label (from a normal printer is fine), and attach it securely to your parcel, ensuring that all labels are clearly showing.


You can then drop your parcel(s) off to your most convenient HUBBED location, ready for collection by the courier.



2. Where can I find my nearest HUBBED location to drop off my parcel?


By entering your postcode into the HUBBED LOCATION map located on the website when booking your parcels. Your nearest location will appear with the full store name address and opening hours.


3. How long will it take for by parcel to be collected once dropped off in store?


Parcels dropped off before 12 am will be collected the same business day, all parcels dropped off after this time will be collect the next business day.


4. How can I track my parcel?




5. Where can I find my parcel tracking number?


Your tracking number(s) will be on the consignment label or can be located in the “tracking” section on your HUBBED account


6. Can I send to P.O. Boxes?


Yes, our shipping products are available to be delivered to P.O. boxes. Please note: there are some countries in the Middle East (Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) that accept shipments labelled with a PO Box address only. Shipments for these destinations will be returned to shipper if no PO box is displayed in the address


7. What courier will deliver my parcel?


HUBBED has  partnered with Toll and DHL for the Australian leg of your parcels journey. DHL will deliver your parcel to respective local postal company for the final delivery.


8. To which countries can I send shipments?


With most shipping products, you can send shipments to over 220 countries. There are a number of countries that are unavailable:


UN Embargo countries: Crimea (Ukraine postcodes beginning with 95-99 and Russia postcodes beginning with 295-299), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan (North), Syria and Yemen. Guatemala (temporary suspension) - No shipments can be sent to these destination countries.


9. What are your parcel rates and delivery times?


Click Here to see our rates.


10. What are your international weight parcel sizes?


HUBBED can ship up to 5KG. The parcel size must be no bigger than: Length + Width + Height = 150cm with no side length being longer than 105cm.


For parcels that weight up to 2KG: The parcel size must be no bigger than: Length + Width + Height = 90cm with no side length being longer than 60cm.


11. Is insurance included on the parcel price?




12. Can I add extra insurance to my parcel?




13. Do you have a list of Prohibited & Restricted Goods?


Yes - The full list of Restircted and Prohibited Goods can be downloaded here.


14. Are there any hidden costs?


No, there are no fuel surcharges or additional handling or security charges. At HUBBED we give you all inclusive door to door rates to keep it simple & affordable.


15. How will tax and duties be paid?


The tax and duty settlement depends on the destination country, commodity and value of goods. For our shipping products the recipient pays tax and duties upon delivery if they are incurred unless specified differently depending on the shipping product.  ?


16. Can I change the address detail on my parcel?


When booking an international parcel with HUBBED, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct delivery information to hand over before making your booking.


After your shipment has been processed and departs from Australia we are unable to re-direct your shipment to a different address or request for your shipment to be returned immediately.


17. What happens if the recipient is not at home for delivery?


The local postal service for the destination country may leave a card if the receiver is not at the delivery address, this card will have instructions as to when and where the parcel can be collected.


18. Can I add special instructions of my delivery?




19. Why is my parcel being held in customs?


Parcels may be held in customs for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the exact reason since each country has different customs regulations. (note: for DHL Parcel International Direct or Expedited shipments, the destination clearance broker may provide the actual reason and you would need to tailor your responses accordingly.)


Local Customs Authority will reach out to your recipient / consumer directly if additional information is needed or for the payment of duties and taxes, where applicable.   We seek your kind understanding that this is a local arrangement between Customs and your recipient


20. The parcel tracking has had no movement for a couple of days


HUBBED tracking shows the milestone movements on the parcel tracking and in some instances depending on the country your sending to, it may not have full tracking capacities.


If you parcel has not been delivered in 3 business days from the last day of your eta widow, process confirm?


21. The parcel tracking looks strange


HUBBED’s international courier will always optimize the best route for your parcel delivery, the parcel may not have a one- way ticket from Australia to point B. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still moving quickly and efficiently. It’s very common in global logistics and its nothing to worry about.


22. My parcel has not arrived at its destination?


Please keep in mind that delivery time can vary depending on the product/service chosen and origin/destination relation; from 3-5 days for nearby countries and up to 14 days for countries further away. If your shipment exceeds the expected delivery time, your shipment unfortunately is delayed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience a delay may cause. Delivery delays can be caused by e.g. weather events, customs or operational backlogs. In the event your shipment has not arrived within 21 calendar days from the dispatch date, who should sender contact?


23. My parcel has arrived at its destination damaged


In the event your shipment was damaged in transit or the content is missing, your customer should provide you with a damage report from the local postal service and photographic evidence.




24. My parcel has been declared lost




25. Can I request a POD for my parcel delivery?




26. How do I cancel my parcel booking?


27. I am having trouble booking an International Parcel on your website.


Contact HUBBED directly and we will assist with your booking.